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The sunshine laughs wilfully, the wind sings softly, and people dance heartily. May the future of our motherland be more beautiful!


Spring is hopeful and brilliant, summer is red and warm, autumn is golden and mature, winter is white and quiet, the motherland is like brocade in all seasons.


The motherland is a world famous book that can influence history. Every page has the strongest voice of the times.


Abandoned thousand years of farmland fu, rural high-yielding and income-increasing manor beauty; create all kinds of business opportunities, the city live and work in peace and contentment culture.


Sixty years, carrying countless glories and dreams of Chinese children; towards tomorrow, let us use our hands to create more brilliance.


You have a sacred name, that is China! That's China, my motherland. My deeply loved motherland.


The affection for the motherland permeates my hot blood and beats in my hot heart.


It is you who nurtured the wisdom of China; it is you who witnessed the growth of future generations. I wish our great motherland a great stride forward.


With sixty years of precipitation, today's Brilliance will be cast. Wish our motherland a better tomorrow!


Youth and motherland shine together, glory and dream create together. Happy birthday to the Republic!


To be worthy of heaven, to be worthy of humility, to be worthy of people outside, to be worthy of conscience inside, and to contribute everything to the motherland.


China is taking off as a dragon. May you fly higher and higher, shine with the sun and the moon, live forever like a star and shine like a star.


The motherland is a world famous work that can influence history. Every page has the strongest voice of the times.


I wish the motherland a brighter future, a clearer and greener sky, a more prosperous economy, a happier people and a stronger national strength.


The Yellow River has bred the Chinese nation, and the Yangtze River has witnessed the history of the Yellow River. Great motherland, I am proud of you!


The motherland is the beacon in our hearts, illuminating the pace of our progress; the motherland is the source of our self-confidence and gives us infinite strength.


The land of Shenzhou is full of flowers and the music of the motherland is full of music. On this beautiful day, we sincerely wish our motherland prosperity and prosperity.


Chinese children are united in their hearts, struggle together in the face of difficulties, work together in a harmonious society, motherland mothers less worries!


Peony is flourishing in the sunshine and eagle and bird dance is flourishing. Ask the gentleman who blossoms for the red, the world is unparalleled Chinese dragon.


We are China, China is us. We bravely shoulder our mission and wish our motherland a better future.


The Pentium Yangtze River rolls up the sparkling waves, and the thousands of miles of grassland echoes with the sound of the affectionate Horsehead piano. Chinese sons and daughters greet their motherland!


The sun rises in the east, hoping to rise in the east, the Dragon rises in the east, and China rises in the east.


Mother! All our successes germinate under your care, and we fly into space with the expectations of you and millions of our compatriots.


I wish the motherland a brighter tomorrow with bluer sky, greener mountains, clearer water, more prosperous economy, happier people and stronger national strength.


The tree of the motherland will never stand down, the flower of the motherland will never fade, and the water of the motherland will last forever.


Sixty years of construction have witnessed fruitful results and a bright future for entrepreneurship in the new century.


No country, no home; no home, where you and me. Let's wish our country prosperity and harmony together!


Ah! Motherland! My motherland! You are hope, you are faith, you are the basis of all our hard work and progress.


In the past sixty years, the Chinese people have drawn an astonishing blueprint for harmony.


People's livelihood is abundant and prosperous in the Three Rivers Country. Anbang has a road to the four seas.


The sea sings with the sound of the waves, the mountains with the lofty witness, the earth with the silent oath: China, I am proud of you.


Like the rainbow after the rain, it is beautiful and beautiful in China; like the peach blossom in spring, it is a good place in China.


The rise of China Yanhuang girls Baifu, national unity song and dance upgrade to a thousand auspicious!

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